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Gather your best man or men together, go out to that ceremony looking debonair. Now you can with The Wedding Store For Men.

The Wedding Store For Men is a new and unique concept which acknowledges that men today want to be able to step out on their big day in a look that suits them and isn’t due back precisely after the reception dinner.

Elegant, Stylish and Distinguished have been the mantra of The Wedding Store For Men.

Our curated looks are created with care and men in mind by a professional wedding stylist who has more than 25 years of experience. Grooms and groomsmen alike will find customized looks with a variety of options to choose from – colors, cuts, styles, and more.

Using our state of the art website, The Wedding Store For Men is on a mission: assist you, the groom, in selecting the best look for you and your groomsmen. It is easy to get started.

  • Set up a free account
  • Enter your groomsmen and e-mails into the system
  • Select you and your groomsmen’s’ outfit
  • Let us contact each groomsman for sizing and payment information

No more awkward moments with a few beers and a “stiff cardboard brochure” from the menswear shop down the street.

Our state-of-the-art site will let you know immediate feedback about each transaction, and keep you up to date on the order process from start to finish. Endless checking and re-checking detail is a thing of the past!

Give us a Call at 1-888-6-HISDAY (644-7329) or email us at info@weddingstoreformen.com.